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Here’s a breakdown of those terms as well as valuable tips, resources, and examples to help you create a snapshot of your business financials. As you can see, the report format is a little bit easier to read and understand. That is why most issued reports are presented in report form. Plus, this report form fits better on a standard sized piece of paper.

This article is your one stop shop for the most useful balance sheet templates for Microsoft Excel and Word, PDF, and Google Docs. A balance sheet is a financial document and accounting tool that tracks and records your company’s assets, liabilities and equity. It lets you determine your company’s financial standing and how resources are allocated. A balance sheet can also help you determine your company’s net worth—also known as the owner’s or shareholder’s equity—when you subtract its total liabilities from its total assets. This balance sheet is designed for your existing small businesses, or with projected data for your small business plan. Annual columns provide year-by-year comparisons of current and fixed assets and current/short-term as well as long-term liabilities so that you can easily determine your company’s equity.

What Is The Purpose Of A Balance Sheet?

A balance sheet contains the ending balances in the asset, liability, and shareholders’ equity accounts as of the balance sheet date. This financial statement provides a view of the financial position of an entity as of a specific point in time. From top to bottom, the template for a balance sheet is comprised of a header block, asset block, and liabilities and shareholders’ equity block. From left to right, the template includes description line items, followed by a column containing the ending balances in the account aggregations noted by each description line item. The descriptions of each line item commonly found in this balance sheet template are noted below. Cash flow statement, are key financial reports for any business.

What items are used to prepare a balance sheet?

The three aspects of a balance sheet in detail. The three items needed for the balance sheet equation are the assets, liabilities, and equity. Here’s a closer look at how to make a balance sheet using the three parts.

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Investment Property Balance Sheet Template

Subtract liabilities from assets to determine your business’s equity. With the balance sheet template Google Sheets provides, you’ll be filling in fields with ease. It keeps the spreadsheet format tidy and accurate, allowing you to balance numbers swiftly.

  • Whatever a business owns — its assets — have been financed by either taking on debt , or through investments from the owner or shareholders .
  • It’s the perfect guide for creating your first balance report.
  • The real estate balance sheet provides a high level view of property performance by reporting assets, liabilities, and owner equity all in the same place.
  • An Income Statement serves as a summary of all Revenues and Expenses during a specific time period.

Creating a reusable Balance Sheet Template in Excel with formulas on your own can be time-consuming and lead to a number of errors. However, if you’re using a Balance Sheet Template created in Excel or Google Sheets, you’ll be able to add the formulas that will make these calculations for you. Once you’ve done that, you may need to calculate the relevant Financial Ratios, and other similar data, on your own. Income Taxes Payable — i.e. all taxes owed to the state and federal governments that need to be paid within one year from the date specified on the Balance Sheet.

What Does A Balance Sheet Include?

When you hover over the column items, it also gives you more instructions for filling it out. Below are a few balance sheet templates you can use to create your own. Make sure you have Excel installed on your computer.

This small business balance sheet example includes tallies of your net assets , and your working capital. Unlike the income statement, the balance sheet does not report activities over a period of time. The balance sheet is essentially a picture a company’s recourses, debts, and ownership on a given day. This is why the balance sheet is sometimes considered less reliable or less telling of a company’s current financial performance than a profit and loss statement. Annual income statements look at performance over the course of 12 months, where as, the statement of financial position only focuses on the financial position of one day.


Here is an example of how to prepare the balance sheet from ourunadjusted trial balanceandfinancial statementsused in the accounting cycle examples for Paul’s Guitar Shop. Unlike the asset and liability sections, the equity section changes depending on the type of entity. For example, corporations list the common stock, preferred stock, retained earnings, and treasury stock. Partnerships list the members’ capital and sole proprietorships list the owner’s capital. Once you understand how to create a restaurant balance sheet, you can make informed decisions to help grow your restaurant or bar business. Stay on top of your balance sheet and track all incoming and outgoing transactions. This way you can make the right choices to optimize your business and grow your bottom line.

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The balance sheet provides an overview of your business’ financial standing. If your business is doing well, investors can look at your balance sheet and see if you have a profitable business they’d like to invest in. It can also help you diagnose problems, pinpoint financial strengths, and keep track of your business’ financial performance over time. On the balance sheet, assets equal liabilities plus shareholders’ equity. You’ll want your balance sheet to include this calculation to provide insights into your financials.

What Are Assets On A Balance Sheet?

Do you have enough to cover your bills and repay debts? The balance sheet can help you understand all of this. Once you download the free balance sheet template in your chosen format, you have many ways to customize it to your needs. Add your business name, logo, contact information, income, expenses and more. You have access to even more customization with FreshBooks accounting software. Equity—what your business is worth after debts or liabilities have been taken care of—is calculated on a balance sheet. A balance sheet lists your assets and liabilities.

  • Liabilities — alongside equity — are what the company owes.
  • For example, the assets and liabilities of a casino will vary substantially from those of an insurance company.
  • And if you’d rather leave the bookkeeping to the professionals, check out Bench.
  • Add new rows and columns, store images and files, personalize color-coded labels, use advanced preset formulas to calculate totals, set condition-based tags, and more with no coding required.
  • Here is an example of how to prepare the balance sheet from ourunadjusted trial balanceandfinancial statementsused in the accounting cycle examples for Paul’s Guitar Shop.

The balance sheet, along with the income statement and statement of cash flows, provides an overview of a business’ financial standing. No, a balance sheet lists the assets, obligations, and owner’s equity of your venture while an income statement indicates the total revenues and expenses, and reports a net profit or loss. Use this simple, trucking-specific balance sheet template to easily summarizes your assets, liabilities, and owner’s equity. This template helps you to verify the validity of your entries on a day-to-day basis to assess your trucking company’s all-around, day-by-day, month-by-month, or year-over-year financial strength. List data on a truck-by-truck basis under the “Assets” section. Then, subtract individual liabilities to see the profitability of each individual truck.

Balance sheets can be used to report to shareholders and attract new investors. This balance sheet template gives you comparative year-to-year data so that you can view the big picture of you or your company’s financial health. Set “Current Year” or “Prior Year” as either calendar or fiscal years, depending on your needs. Keep day-to-day tabs on your assets, liabilities, equity, and balance with this easy-to-use, daily balance sheet template. Enter your total current, fixed, and other assets, total current and long-term liabilities, and total owner’s equity, and the template will automatically calculate your up-to-the-minute balance. You can save this daily balance sheet template as individual files — with customized entries — for each day requiring balance insights for any 24-hour period. Use this simple, restaurant-specific balance sheet template to get a quick glimpse of your financial picture.

balance sheet template

There are two lines in the long term liabilities section, one for long-term debt, and another where any other long-term liabilities can be totalled. There is space at the top of the spreadsheet for you to customise it for your company by entering your company name, and the date the balance sheet was created. Toolkit is providing these tools free of charge. Some of these forms contain technical language and create significant legal obligations. Do not use any form without first having an attorney review the form and determine that it is suitable for the purpose for which you intend it. Our solutions for regulated financial departments and institutions help customers meet their obligations to external regulators.

Equity And Assets Financial Ratios

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balance sheet template

General ledgers are often considered the second half of the important accounting report duo. The two documents contain many of the same items but are not identical.

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Exactly how the equity is made up will vary from company to company, depending on the business type and stage. Non-current, or long-term, assets, include investments and other less tangible assets which nonetheless can bring value to your business. Take a look at these examples to give you an idea of what to include. Assets are divided into current or short-term assets, and non-current or long-term assets. Simply put, assets are what the company owns. Make a copy of this Google Sheets template and fill in your business details to create your own balance sheet in just a few simple steps.

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This offer can’t be combined with any other QuickBooks offers. To cancel your subscription at any time go to Account & Settings in QuickBooks and select “Cancel.” Your QBO cancellation will become effective at the end of the monthly billing period. Terms, conditions, pricing, special features, and service and support options subject to change without notice. FreshBooks provides a range of accessible and easily formattable balance sheet formats, so that you can fill in your financial details with ease. Choosing the right business balance sheet template or you will depend on your preferred programs as well as your business needs. To complete your balance sheet template you’ll need to add in details about the debts and liabilities your company owes.

  • Exactly how the equity is made up will vary from company to company, depending on the business type and stage.
  • A balance sheet represents the financial state of your business in an easy-to-digest format.
  • This includes all business expenditures, debt, and ownership equity in the business.
  • System Requirementsfor a list of supported browsers) and an Internet connection (a high-speed connection is recommended).
  • According to the historical cost principle, all assets, with the exception of some intangible assets, are reported on the balance sheet at their purchase price.

QuickBooks organizes your accounting data so you can easily run up-to-date balance sheet reports whenever you need them. Print the reports you need, or save them as a PDF to send to your accountant.